A rare breed of musicians!

Live in Athens 2011

It’s not often one gets the opportunity to see artists like Rodrigo & Gabriela perform live. The energy emerging from the Mexican duo of acoustic guitars is explosive!!

Fuck the set lists, fuck the norms, to be truly given to something, to honestly love your work, your music.. and to be able to transfer all that energy to an audience is something rarely witnessed nowadays .

Quit trying to be something else, quit trying to dream outside your head, take a lead, an artsy thing, whatever… and go all the way, follow it to nowhere: ‘we booked tickets with no return to a country we knew nothing about and became the only two Mexicans playing guitar in Ireland’ they said.

Influenced by metal music, born in Mexico armed with acoustic guitars and a music arsenal compared to few masters they are here and hopefully to stay!!!

Metallica should dare a project with them and quit school-like fiascos like silly Lulu with boring Lou Reed.

An exciting duo that has great stuff to offer us in the future to come, passionately recommended!


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