Athens 13/2/2012 the day after #12fbr

Well, by this time i’m writing this, Greece and especially Athens have become the point of reference of many newspapers, shows, discussions etc. Yes there was chaos last night during parliamentary procedures for the PSI agreement to take place, but a kind of chaos that having walked the city today gives the impression of purpose.

Around 170 businesses  were raided and partially or completely destroyed, plus i picked up an article were the owner of a cinema that got attacked reportedly had hooded people enter his business before the attacks asking him for money in order not to burn him down.

Yes the mass media had a specific view on things projecting the Greek Capital under mass riots and in complete loss, an untrue image aimed at guiding public opinion and creating fear where fear does not belong. Athens is a city full you people who work hard, youths full of dreams and great ideas and wonderful venues worth visiting, all of which this site is aimed at promoting.

Anyways, the city today was alive as ever, added the masses of camera wielding netizens (wink wink)getting their shots , Athens is not destroyed and apart from the hell that’s getting ready within the halls of the ministry of finance we are here, blogging and spreading the word! 🙂

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