Greek Musical Landscape

(every link corresponds to a song)

This is a short trip through the  landscape of Greece that has influenced various music artists! Starting from Athena, we pass from Kypseli and the infamous Fokionos Negri Street and head to Piraeus to take the ship to Paros! After an exciting weekend there we continue to Mykonos and then to a far away small island to the east called Castellorizon in order to recharge our batteries. On our way back we stay for a night to the traditional Hydra island. It is time now  to  return back to Athens for a roadtrip to Corfu. Towards our new destination we stop for a while to the  fuckin’ loud village Χιλιομόδι of Corinthus and continue a bit further down to Sparta.  Going upwards now, we make another small detour and pass from the spiritual Meteora and the godly mountain Olympos. It is already late at night and we are tired from driving all day, so we go to Thessalonikis’ airport SKG, leave the car there and take the next flight to Corfu. Having arrived in Corfu we can now enjoy the Adriatic sunrise from Pelekas. Hellas has many beautiful musical corners to discover, come!


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