The Hellander (comic issue)

Tvideo1he 4rth issue of the Hellenic Metal Cluster e-zine ΕΛΛΗΝΙΚΗ METAL ΣΚΗΝΗ is here! The Hellander -the main hero of this story- is the embodiment of the Hellenic Metal Scene and represents all the effort and courage of our bands  since the 80’s to build the Hellenic Metal reality of today. It’s an almost 30 page comic issue featuring input from bands like Thou Art Lord, Zemial, Agatus, Nightfall, Mortal Torment, Prejudice Reborn, Steamroller Assault, Sacral Rage, Mother of Millions, Veil, Hostage, Disharmony, War Dance and Black Soul Horde.

I hope you like it – Themistoklas

LINKS for FREE downloading :

1. In .pdf file  The Hellander

2. In e-book online form The Hellander (e-book)